From protein sequence to final drug product, MabPlex serves as an extension of your scientific team. Our knowledge of both chemistry and biology helps you develop and manufacture an efficacious ADC at all steps of the process. Our development team can partner with you and help with choices of cytotoxin linker pairs that are appropriate for your target. An array of ADCs with different linker toxin pairs can be developed and provided for testing so that your process can be more efficient at this stage.

Clients can choose from a myriad of conjugation techniques. We have exemplary knowledge of multiple conjugation techniques including our own proprietary Thiol-Covalent conjugation technique. This conjugation technique can increase the homogeneity of your antibody drug conjugate creating a similar experience to site directed conjugation without the extra steps. The MabPlex Thiol-Covalent conjugation can increase the stability of the ADC.

Screening of Antibody Drug Conjugates

Homogeniety of ADC drug using MabPlex Thiol-Covalent conjugation vs. cystine conjugation

HIC analysis shows MabPlex Thiol Covalent Conjugation consistently gives 80-90% DAR 4 with human IgG1 molecules.

HIC analysis of Cystine conjugate consistently gives 45-50% DAR4 with human IgG1.

Our manufacturing capabilities include a broad range of conjugation scales from 10L to 500L. We not only can make your mAb, we synthesize the linker toxin under GMP conditions for all reaction sizes. When your drug substance is made we move on to fill/finish making your final drug product.

If you are interested in partnering with us to develop and or manufacture your ADC or would like more information.

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