MabPlex strives to be the world leader in providing CRO/CMO services enabling our clients to deliver top quality biopharmaceutical therapies to patients globally.


Customer focused– At MabPlex, we believe that our customers are the foundation of our business. We view you not just as customers, but rather as our partners. This is reflected in all parts of our company. Our quality by design approach puts our partners first by ensuring that the project is done correctly and with traceability. We deliver as promised on time at top quality. With this, we believe that the key to our success it to create long-term relationships.

Professional integrity– From discussing your project to the final product we keep our partners in mind. All information is kept secure and confidential at every step. Our thoughts are, “how would we like to be dealt with if we were the customer?” We conduct ourselves with honesty in all of our dealings with partners, employees, and the community. Therefore, we deliver on time, quality, and best in value.

Service excellence– Service excellence is reflected in how everyone at MabPlex thinks and acts. From your first interaction with us, you will see us promptly respond, provide consistent communication throughout your project, and a focus on providing a superior experience each and every time.  Our quality culture is what drives our commitment to our partners and their biopharmaceuticals.