Jianmin Fang, PhD (Chairman of MabPlex International Ltd.) highlighted the development and growth of MabPlex over the past five years and introduced MabPlex’s three centers in San Diego, California(United States), Shanghai, China and Yantai, China. Mabplex is now the second largest Contract Development and Manufacturing Organi-zation (CDMO) in China, and the first in Shandong Province to be awarded manufacturing licenses. MabPlex is one of the few CDMOs around the globe to offer a complete solution for biopharmaceutical drug and ADC development and commercial production.

Jingwei Yi (Deputy Director, Strategic Research Center of China International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd), Yu Yongxin (Standing Committee, Yantai Municipal Committee, Head of the Yantai United Front Work Department), and Dr. Lorne Babiuk (Academician of the Royal Society of Canada) congratulated MabPlex for their achievements and encouraged the company to expand core competencies in biologics development to address the unmet needs of patients around the globe.

Shuliang Yu, (Deputy Director General, Shandong Science & Technology Department) and Dr. Jianmin Fang unveiled the Antibody Drug R&D and Commercialization Facility, located at the Yantai Biopark in Shandong. The new building will house up to 100 startup companies; promoting innovation and growth within Chinese biotechnology.

After the ceremony, the guests visited both MabPlex’s first GMP manufacturing facility, and the new commercial manufacturing facility where they learned about the manufacturing process of antibodies and antibody-drug conjugate . The new commercial manufacturing facility brings MabPlex’s capacity to just under 500,000 ft2 of manufacturing space. It includes six independent cell culture suites, four independent purification suites and a GMP warehouse. Each of the six cell culture suites can support up to two single-use bioreactors at volumes up to 2000L each, making the maximum capacity to be 24000L. “This, along with the opening of our San Diego (US) and Shanghai process development sites, will dramatically expand our capacity to meet the needs of our current and future clients as their drugs progress to commercialization stage”, stated Dr. Fang. This milestone enhances MabPlex’s ability to deliver Phase III development and commercial manufacturing solutions to clients in multiple global markets.

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