ADC Drug Development

ADC Drug Development

MabPlex offers one-stop integrated development services including antibody production, linker/cytotoxin synthesis, ADC conjugation process development, and the production of ADC drugs for clinical studies. Additionally, we implement innovative linker technologies to improve the homogeneity, PK/PD and efficacy of ADC drugs. We are fully confident that our services can speed up your ADC development process. MabPlex offers high quality ADC production services through our experienced staff, the state-of-the-art facility, quality by design, and traceable batch records.


  • Cytotoxin development and GMP synthesis
  • Linker development and GMP synthesis
  • Linker and cytotoxin conjugations
  • Process development and optimization of ADC conjugation
  • Scale up of ADC conjugations to 20L, 100L or up to 500L volumes (g to kg scale)
  • Process development for ADC formulation
  • ADC product filling/finishing
  • Antibody production and optimization for ADC drugs
  • Stability studies for ADC products
  • Characterization of ADC products

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