Biologics Process Development

Biologics Process Development

MabPlex provides both upstream process development and downstream process development to customers with no existing process or we can redesign and optimize an existing process. In this way, we guarantee that you receive a flawless transfer to scale-up and GMP manufacturing.

Upstream Process Development

  • Optimization of the bioreactor processing
  • Extensive experience with CHO DG44 and CHO K1 mammalian cell types
  • High cell density and titer optimization with mammalian cells
  • Development of custom media and feed
  • Bench-scale up process characterization
  • Validation of ADC products

Downstream Process Development

MabPlex provides downstream process services for a variety of biologics including monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, complex glycoproteins and ADC products.

  • With our one-stop offering from cell line development to commercial production, we can move quickly and predictably, providing a smooth transition from late process development into a product’s manufacturing phase. Our experience also allows us to develop more customized approaches to meet our customers’ needs.
  • We optimize our downstream processes to remove impurities, therefore providing optimal recovery and manufacturing.