Protein Characterization Services

Protein Characterization Services

Protein Characterization is an essential process of the development of an effective therapeutic. Keeping that in mind, MabPlex performs a broad range of protein characterization services including peptide mapping, glycosylation analysis, amino acid sequencing, N-terminal and C-terminal confirmation. We provide our partners with a complete set of protein characterization services, including both single task analysis and comprehensive analysis supporting their entire development project.  Our rigorous quality analysis ensures the consistency, efficacy, and safety of the monoclonal antibodies we produce. Additionally, we follow a strict document management system to effectively support all analytical services and ensure the systematic traceability of all documents.

Capabilities for Characterization

The Primary Structure and Post-translational Modification

  • Peptide Mapping Analysis
  • Glycosylation Analysis
  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • N-terminal and C-terminal Confirmation

Analysis of Protein Bioactivity

  • Antigen-antibody Binding Assay
  • Enzyme Kinetics Study
  • Bioassay