World ADC Conference

Podium Presentation

Join us Friday, October 11 at 12:30 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego for “Integrated ADC Development to Production”, presented by Dr. Xinfang Li, Vice President, Process Development & Head of Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls.

  • Lessons from failed ADCs
  • Strategies for improved ADCs
  • Does antibody binding affinity influence ADC fate?
  • Does conjugation format affect internalization?

Poster Presentation

On Thursday, October 10, from 3:30-5:00 pm. Dr. Andrew Huang, CSO of MabPlex, and co-author of the poster “Comprehensive Characterization for Structural and Functional Feature Investigation of Bispecific Molecules using MabPlex’s Platform” will be available for discussions.


Bispecific antibodies bind to two or more targets which could be different antigens or different epitopes. Structurally, one type of bispecific antibody is similar to an IgG which contains an Fc region, and other bispecifics do not have an Fc region and typically have a relatively small molecular weight. Therefore, the characterization for a bispecific is more challenging than for a typical monoclonal antibody because of this variation in structure. MabPlex has developed a set of platform methods for comprehensive characterization of different bispecific formats including intact mass, peptide analysis and technologies based on their structural and functional features. In addition, the variants such as degradation-related species that could potentially impact potency or pharmacokinetic properties of bispecific products during stability studies could also be monitored and investigated using these methodologies.

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