An industry leader in
biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing


MabPlex provides global CDMO services in the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, including mAbs, recombinant proteins, ADCs and bispecifics. We offer our partners contract services from DNA to finished drug product. Our technical expertise allows us to provide effective high quality solutions for our partners biomanufacturing needs. At both our US R&D site and our manufacturing site in Yantai, China, MabPlex delivers our commitment to our partners through our quality manufacturing, meeting their expectations.

  • Comprehensive biologics development and manufacturing solutions for customers globally
  • Multiple Single Use 2000L Bioreactors for GMP Manufacturing
  • One of the few providers of large-scale ADC production worldwide
  • Services for pre-clinical studies through commercial production
  • Senior Management Team averaging over 20 years of industry experience globally


MabPlex strives to be the world leader in providing CRO/CDO services enabling our clients to deliver top quality biopharmaceuticals to patients globally.


At MabPlex, we believe that our customers are the foundation of our business. We view you not just as customers, but rather as our partners. This is reflected in all parts of our company. Our quality by design approach puts our partners first by ensuring that the project is done correctly and with traceability. We deliver as promised on time at top quality. With this, we believe that the key to our success it to create long-term relationships.


From discussing your project to the final product we keep our partners in mind. All information is kept secure and confidential at every step. Our thoughts are, “how would we like to be dealt with if we were the customer?” We conduct ourselves with honesty in all of our dealings with partners, employees, and the community. Therefore, we deliver on time, quality, and best in value.


Service excellence is reflected in how everyone at MabPlex thinks and acts. From your first interaction with us, you will see us promptly respond, provide consistent communication throughout your project, and a focus on providing a superior experience each and every time.  Our quality culture is what drives our commitment to our partners and their biopharmaceuticals.

Our Team

Dr. Jianmin Fang


Dr. Fang has a Ph.D. from Dalhousie University, Canada, and post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School, working in the United States for many years on biopharmaceutical research and development. He is a member of the Taishan Scholars program in Shandong Province, a member of the National Expert Group on Major New Drug Creation, professor and doctoral tutor of Tongji University and the Dean of Suzhou Research Institute of Tongji University. Dr. Fang’s research results have been published in several journals including Natural Biotechnology, Journal of the American Academy of Sciences, and Oncology Research, with more than 30 invention patents, and many projects have achieved transformation. He is the inventor and designer of Conbercept. He is a member of the China Pharmaceutical Association, the Deputy Chairman of the Malonal Antibody Professional Committee of the China Pharmaceutical Innovation Promotion Association. He has won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, Chinese Overseas Chinese Contribution Award, and China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Award.

Dr. Wei Chen


Dr. Chen has 30 years of experience in the establishment of large-scale industrialization platforms, quality management, and new drug declaration for international biopharmaceutical companies including Bristol Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Merck. He has a Ph.D. in Bioreactor Engineering from Nagoya University, Japan. He is also a Postdoctoral Fellow at UCLA, University of British Columbia Medical School, and Yale University Medical School.

Previously responsible for new drug development and industrialization of various new biological drug development, Dr. Chen has experience in the establishment and listing of multiple biomedical companies, participated in the creation of the internationally renowned CDMO company BioReliance, and is responsible for operation management. Dr. Chen is a member of the International Society of Industrial Microbiology, the founder of the Microbiome Society and the International Biopharmaceutical Engineering Alliance.

Dr. Andrew Huang


Dr. Huang has a Ph.D. from Iowa State University, completed postdoctoral research in reproductive physiology at the University of Southern California and neuroendocrinology at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is one the first scholars to carry out research on ADC new drugs and has achieved results, and is a special expert of Taishan Scholar program in Shandong Province. He has been engaged in biomedical research and development for more than 30 years and has published hundreds of papers in academic journals such as Diabetes, Biochemistry, and Neuroscience. Member of the American Society of Cell Biology, member of the International Neurochemical Society, member of the American Diabetes Association, and member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Dr. Xinfang Li


Dr. Li has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Peking University, postdoctoral researcher at Harvard Medical School, a member of the Biophorum Operations Group, a virus removal validation group, and an expert in virus removal research for antibody downstream processes. She has extensive experience in CMC and CMO management and has participated in the process characterization and commercial production verification of several mAb and ADC projects. She has worked for more than ten years in the world’s first company to engage in the development of new ADC drugs. She has served as the Chief Scientist, the head of the process development department, and the leader of the drug-making evaluation team for new drugs. Having both applied for IND in the US and Europe, of which seven are self-developed new drugs and six are developed in cooperation with internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies for the development of CRO / CMO projects. Among them, T-DM1, the first in the world to treat HER2-positive breast cancer, was approved by the FDA in 2013. Initiated a new one-step coupling production process, led the team to overcome the technical problems of ADC coupled polymers and unconjugated naked antibodies with high content and improved the coupling efficiency.

Dr. Mathew Luo


Dr. Zhigang has an MBA from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, and an MS in Chemistry from the University of Louisville. He has accumulated more than 20 years of pharmaceutical production quality management experience in well-known pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott, Eli Lilly, Amgen, Wuming Bio. Proficient in quality compliance operations under the requirements of the US FDA, Chinese NMPA and ICH laws and regulations, especially with a deep understanding of the phase adaptability of GMP can be effectively used. Presided over the establishment and improvement of the company’s quality system multiple times. Facility verification, including the release of many clinical and marketed products

Dr. Lorne Babiuk


Dr. Babiuk is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences. He holds 42 patents, part-time positions in the editorial boards of more than 40 international scientific organizations and science and technology journals, invited reviewer of 16 science and technology magazines and members of the board of directors of more than 20 biotechnology companies. He has won 57 awards, including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Commemorative Media, The Canadian Arts Council Award, the 2016 China GCHERA World Agriculture Award, and more than 20 “1000 International Scientific Leaders” and “World Health Science Leaders” awards.

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Our Journey

June 2013

MabPlex International, Ltd was established

March 2015

Yantei Headquarters moved to a new location and production R&D center officially opened.

November 2015

MabPlex USA, Inc. established.

November 2016

Chairman Jainmin Fang was re-elected to the National Health and Family Planning Commission's "Major New Drug Creation" Science and Technology Major "Thirteenth Five-Year Overall Group"

January 2017

MabPlex Phase II R &D and Production Center breaks ground.

February 2017

Won title of "Yantei Science and Technology Small Medium-sized Enterprise"

April 2017

Won the "May 1 Labor Award of Yantai Development Zone"

August 2017

Obtained the "Shandong Provincial Pathogenic Microbiology Laboratory and Experimental Activity Recording Certificate"

December 2017

Passed environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system certification.

January 2018

Obtained Biotechnology Product "Pharmaceutical Production License"

May 2018

Established San Diego R & D Center

June 2018

Established MabPlex Biomedical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

July 2018

Passed the intellectual property management system certification

September 2018

Public service platform for antibody-drug R & D and industrialization in Shandong province unveiled

September 2018

GMP operation of MabPlex Phase II R &D and production center started

September 2018

Dr. Jianmin Fang, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was selected as the Innovative talent promotion plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology

September 2018

Completed first round of financing, with the financing amount of 400 million yuan

June 2019

MabPlex Biomedical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. starts operation

September 2019

MabPlex was awarded the "ADC CMO Global Growth Excellence Leadership Award" by Frost & Sullivan, a world-renowned corporate growth consulting company. MabPlex's overall strength in the field of ADC drugs has been highly recognized in the industry.

October 2019

Selected as the first batch of the future non-public unicorn enterprises in Yantai

November 2019

"Biologics CMC Summit" is successfully hosted by MabPlex. The summit brought together experts from the global biomedical field and set up a platform for professional communication with thoroughly discussing the development of the biomedical industry and CMC strategy.

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MabPlex is headquartered in Yantai Economic and Development Area, a city in the northeast of the Shandong Province. It is bordered by both the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. YEDA, Yantai Economic and Development Area, is one of the first 14 state-level development zones approved by the State Council of China in 1984. Yantei has attracted investments from more than 40 countries and regions, and more than 80 Fortune 500 Companies.

The biopharmaceutical industry in Yantai has prospered in the last two years. The number of biopharmaceutical corporations has reached 100, in which 13 companies have gone public in domestic and abroad market. In 2018, the total income of Yantai biopharmaceutical was 11 billion U.S dollars, with a year-on-year growth of 13.3%.

Yantai is also a tourist attraction.