Turn your vision into reality


MabPlex’s CRO offers custom services for research, optimization, and development phases of your project.


Protein Expression

  • Gene synthesis, vector construction.
  • Transient expression 6-8 weeks, 0-500 mg proteins.
  • Antibody / Bispecific Antibody / Nanobody / Fusion protein / Antigen

Antibody Humanization

  • Start with sequence of the mouse-origin monoclonal antibody, design, construct, screening.
  • Short time (2 months) and higher binding affinity.

Antibody Fc Engineering

  • ADCC increase / weaken
  • CDC increase / weaken
  • ADCP increase / weaken
  • FcRn binding increase / weaken
  • Antibody design for ADC


Design and Synthesis of Linker-Payloads

  • A library of >40 ready-for-use Linker-Payloads for rapid ADC screening.
  • Design and synthesis of customized Linker-Payloads.
  • Synthesis process development of Linker-Payloads and related precursors.
  • Milligram to gram scale supply of Linker-Payloads and precursors.


ADC Conjugation Service

We are very familiar with the linkage strategy

  • Lysine-based conjugation
  • Cysteine-based conjugation (Single-thiol conjugation /Double-thiol covalent conjugation)
  • Site-specific conjugation

We have rich experience for different antibody & different linker-payloads:

  • For different types of antibody  (IgG1/ IgG2 / IgG4 / Nano-body / Bi-specific antibody)
  • For different kinds of Linker- Payloads (>40 kinds ready for use)

ADC Assay & Mechanism Study

ADC analysis (For early stage)

  • DAR /Free drug ratio /Concentration /Purity etc

ADC Mechanism Study (For early stage)

  • Tumor inhibition potency evaluation assay (>50 kinds of  human tumor cell lines for use)
  • Binding affinity activity assay
  • Antigen expression level detection
  • Endocytosis activity assay
  • Stability in serum assay
  • Animal experiment (Tumor Models /MTD/PK/PD— mouse/rat)

Research Services