One-Stop Biologics Service

Service Overview

MabPlex has fully established our custom development and manufacturing capabilities, including monoclonal antibodies and ADCs, from CRO to CMO. Our capabilities have aided both emerging and established pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies improve and advance their products.

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC)

Targeted therapies, such as monoclonal antibodies, are an important part of cancer drug development. Humanized antibodies may be used either unlabeled or conjugated with radioactive isotopes, chemotherapeutics, or toxins to create highly targeted agents.  Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) are monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) attached to biologically active drugs, usually chemotherapeutic agents, by chemical linkers with labile bonds.

With our innovation and experience in chemistry along with our biologics expertise, MabPlex provides full services for antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). ADCs are part of a specialized subset of highly potent APIs.  We are one of the leading companies in the world providing this technically challenging service from development to commercial production at one location.

Our services begin by using our proprietary expression system to produce and purify the antibody of choice.  Next, our chemical experts at our manufacturing plant synthesize the linker of choice as well as the correct cytotoxin. Finally, the manufacturing team completes the conjugation.


MabPlex’s CRO offers custom services for research, optimization, and development phases of your project. Our quality and documentation system provides our partners with control over the entire process. Additionally, our technical team ensures that your project has a successful outcome.

Most of our technical team members have advanced degrees, indicating our commitment and level of service in helping you find innovative solutions that meet your project requirements.

We support every stage of our partners’ biologics development and characterization. Our CRO capabilities start with our cell line development that utilizes regulatory-friendly and royalty-free CHO-DG44 and CHO-K1 platforms to express proteins based on your specific timelines and scale-up requirements.  Additionally, by using our propitiatory gene expression system, we are able to achieve higher titers, improve speed to market and reduce costs. Our system allows us to provide large amounts of protein for pre-clinical or clinical studies.


MabPlex is one of the leading contract manufacturers of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins using mammalian cell culture. Our experience in cell culture, process development, and project management ensures our clients receive their products as promised on time at top quality.

MabPlex is committed to our customer’s success.   We provide our clients comprehensive and flexible development and manufacturing packages from early CRO to final CMO, ranging from lead optimization and cell line development to full-scale manufacturing.  This includes a complete range of analytical services, regulatory support for clinical trials, and market supply.

To achieve this, we offer a highly customized serum-free medium for complete optimization and downstream process development. Additionally, MabPlex can provide you with effective, high-quality regulatory-friendly and royalty-free CHO-DG44 and CHO-K1 platforms.  Whether for pre-clinical, clinical or commercial supply, MabPlex strives to provide you with a complete range of development services and cutting-edge manufacturing processes that ensure you get high-quality and cost-effective products on time.