CRO for Biologics Drug Development

CRO/CDO for Biologics Drug Development

CRO/CDO Services for Antibody Drug Conjugates 

MabPlex’s antibody drug conjugate platform provides a one stop service for our partners. According to our partners’ needs, we can design and optimize the most suitable cytotoxin, linker and conjugation process to achieve the best therapeutic effect on the premise of safety. With these parameters in mind, we synthesize the cytotoxin and linker as well as the monoclonal antibody in the house or you can provide them to us. We make each piece of the ADC based on our quality by design foundation and can further synthesize each at large scale under GMP if you desire.

 CRO/CDO service for Monoclonal Antibodies

MabPlex offers a series of integrated CRO and development services for mAb products including antibody humanization, cell line development, cell culture process development, purification process development, formulation optimization, analytic development, quality standard establishment, and stability studies. MabPlex provides the one stop solution for antibody drug development, helping our partners develop high quality antibody drug products for IND filing.